Can You Apply For MoT Dance?

The dancing does not stop once you are done with the regular studies after two years, but it can continue on forever if you decide to chase the MoT! Our Academy will give you the chance, after you complete the two year programme, to pursue your Master degree and engage into the researches and thorough appliance of the skills and knowledge you have acquired! Every student that passes the regular two years of dance teaching and learning is able to apply for the master under condition that is not older than 40 years! Keep reading the article to find out more about the MoT Dance!

Distance learning

The best part is that you can utilize the distance learning! The conventional learning is old-fashioned, so why not use the technology perks and enjoy from the comfort of your home? Of course, there will be times when you will have to attend the class, but do not worry, we have a solution for you – our Academy provides many training centers across the world, so just find the one that is near you!

Work with dance experts

You will have a chance to work with the real professionals who have been into the dance niche for more than 20 years. This opportunity to learn from the best enhances you additionally and pushes you forward, towards your researches and thesis you will write. Beside, you will have a chance to experience the real atmosphere of dance education centers and pick up the advice from the professional dancers and dance teachers.

Why do you need this?

Beside the additional knowledge that you will get throughout this course, there are many more benefits that you will get. This programme offers you many benefits that you could not have otherwise. Therefore, consider it if you are looking for the following benefits:

  • Continuous professional development
  • Researches after the Bachelor’s degree
  • Professional work experience
  • Huge career progression

The principle of this course is strongly supported by the Universities’ Council for the Education of Teachers, which means that is officially recognized by the Government and the country. It is the first of-a-kind course that is tailored for the professional preparation of future dance teachers. Once you acquire this diploma, there is no dance education center that will not offer you a job. The opportunities for dance teaching become much more broader once you become a certified MoT Dance!