Be The Part Of Dance Lifelong Wellbeing

One of the things that the academy offers unlike other ones is the opportunity to participate in the project that involves voluntary dance teaching. It is not an ordinary teaching class, but rather an even that is supported by the Community Learning Innovation Fund. On top of that, the teachers will work with the older adults who want to learn dancing, and the whole activity is backed up by the senior teachers who will provide the training and required knowledge. Since the majority of dance academies do not support projects like this, we think that is an additional reason why you should enroll in the academy.

What is this about?

The Community Learning Innovation Fund had secured the funds necessary for this project with the goal of promoting dancing even in older age when people usually stay at home without any special hobby. The main objective is to prepare several teachers who will be able to demonstrate knowledge and skills, but also the importance of dance and its beauty. The teachers will have to pass an 8-month practice and lectures before engaging in real-life situations where they use the acquired knowledge. Prior to this, they must complete the seminar which is crucial for preparation and the project. In order to get to the seminar, the teachers will learn and complete various tests regarding the dance knowledge and theory before emerging into the teaching job.

The oldest learner was 102 years old, which is proof that dance does not choose the age. Elderly people want to dance, but they do not have a place where they could enjoy learning and dancing with someone of their age, and therefore this project is vital for the general communication and relationship between people. It is not true that you will encounter younger people in this project, but the target group is people over 55 years, who want to dance.

The project is unique as well as the experience that you will gain in it and it can be especially efficient for your CV if you are planning to pursue a dancing career. Do not be afraid and have a feeling that you will be overwhelmed with work. On the contrary, you will have full support and assistance in everything you need, plus you will work the colleagues of your age that are trying to do the same thing as you do. All the resources and necessary equipment will be provided so you could create a real dancing concert or event.

Exploring the benefits of dance

While the project strives to engage older people into social gatherings, it explores the benefits of movement and dance. Every kind of physical activity is good for people, but dance is something unique and personal that gives good results, as if you have played some kind of sport. The target group is older people, so the effects of dance could be researched and recorded. The outcome of this project will be explained and presented with clear facts about the benefits of dance in the older population. Do not miss the Dance Lifelong Wellbeing project!