About us

Welcome to our dance academy where we provide you thorough learning of the dancing profession! The Faculty of Education was created in 1999 in recognition of the Academy’s increasing commitment to Higher Education.  It is now the largest RAD department with nearly three hundred staff worldwide, thirty of whom are based at London headquarters.  We are proud to continue the tradition begun by the RAD in 1920 when the importance of providing specialist, qualified dance teachers was first recognized.  In today’s constantly changing and highly competitive professional environment we remain entirely dedicated to the needs of current and future dance teachers.

Since 1999 we have created a range of dance teacher education programs and qualifications designed to meet your needs, your background education is not crucial for entering our dance academy. You can have many different backgrounds and it does not matter as we start with the foundation knowledge and learning of basics.  Some of our programs are validated by the University of Bath and some are professional awards of the RAD under its Royal Charter.

We offer qualifications at certificate, diploma, and degree level as well as postgraduate programs for those who already hold an undergraduate degree or equivalent.  We are the largest provider for dance specific Initial Teacher Training in the UK, providing fully qualified dance teachers for the 14-19 curriculum in schools and colleges.  In July 2013, we have had launched our new Continuing Professional Development framework for teachers who want to update their knowledge and skills and enhance their career progression.

We also believe in flexible learning; our programs range from part-time or full time, on-site at London headquarters or distance learning from your own home and all our students get their own A5 Notebook with all the material they will need in their course. This is all due to the technological advancement and the various requests that have had from our clients and students since not all could attend every class and lecture.  Our Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies is now delivered in over 15 different countries and in seven different languages so do not fear that we are not available!

As of January 2011, the Royal Academy of Dance is an Accredited Institution of the University of Surrey with the authority to approve new and modify existing programs leading to the award of degrees, diplomas, and certificates. The University, as the awarding institution, retains ultimate responsibility for the quality and standards of awards. We follow the quality and offer you the best guidance!

We hope that this website will enable you to learn more about us and find a program that suits your career aspirations.  Our staff are here to help – you will find the relevant contact details under each program. If, in any case, you cannot find the information you need, do not hesitate to contact us as we will try to respond as soon as possible. We welcome you to our website and look forward to hearing from you!